When you choose Midtown Pharmacy to fill your prescriptions, we handle all of the insurance billing for you. We accept all major prescription drug plans, Medicare Part D plans and Missouri Medicaid. Our staff is experienced and well-trained when it comes to dealing with prescription drug plans. We will work with your prescription drug plan regarding formulary issues, copayment issues and prior authorizations. Midtown Pharmacy goes the extra mile to help!

What Our Customers Say About Our Service:

“My Medicare Part D plan for medicine recently changed and because of that I would need to change to the plan’s “preferred” big box pharmacy to get the cheapest copay. Midtown Pharmacy was no longer considered a “preferred” pharmacy, just a network pharmacy. But the employees of this pharmacy have always gone out of their way to take care of me and my needs. That’s why I refused to go to another pharmacy. I can depend on these people to help me in every way possible to take care of my prescription needs. Oh and by the way, they are extra friendly and treat me like family.”

Joyce P. -customer since 1995