Midtown Pharmacy is a locally owned pharmacy. Our owner, Jerry Popek, and his staff have been helping the Springfield area with their pharmacy needs for over 30 years. Our pharmacists and staff are proud to call the Missouri Ozarks ‘home’. That’s why we take pride in supporting and sponsoring local and health-related charities, organizations and sports’ teams. We believe that these organizations are making a difference in the lives of the people of Southwest Missouri. Below, we are spotlighting three of those organizations.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found provides grief support to individuals and families from Springfield and the surrounding counties. Lost & Found Grief Center works with the bereaved to provide education and support as they travel their journey of grief to find peace, hope, and a new normal as they face life without their deceased loved one. The center was founded by Dr. Karen Scott & Shawn Askinosie (former attorney turned chocolatier). Shawn experienced the death of his dad as a teen ager and struggled into adult hood with unresolved grief. Dr. Scott had worked as a counselor for a number of years and specialized in work with terminally ill teens. Their vision for creating a center where the needs of grieving families could have their needs met became a reality in 2001. The original groups were held at Shawn’s law office. As the organization grew and Shawn changed careers, a large donation was made to make a down payment on a new facility by Chuck and Ginger Foster. The facility Lost & Found Grief Center now calls home is named the Conor House, in honor of Chuck & Ginger’s son. He died by electrocution at the age of 4. The house is a beautiful legacy for his short life. Today, our grief center serves over 180 individuals in any given month and continues to grow. Lost & Found offers therapeutic support groups supervised by professional counselors, who are supported by trained volunteers. Lost & Found’s mission is to provide grief support services in a safe and supportive environment for children, young adults, and their families grieving the death of a loved one. The center operates under the principles that grief is a natural reaction to death for children as well as adults; that within each individual in the natural capacity to heal oneself; the duration and intensity of grief are unique for each individual; and that caring and acceptance assist in the healing process.

You can learn more about Lost and Found at their website,

AIDS Project of the Ozarks

AIDS Project of the Ozarks (APO) is a non-profit community-based organization serving a 29 county region in southwest Missouri. APO currently serves over 600 clients with HIV/AIDS and their families. Concerned families and friends established the organization as a grass roots entity in 1983. Services include: medical care, case management, education to the general public, and services to persons with HIV infection, their families and significant others in a confidential, caring environment.

Learn more about AIDS Project of the Ozarks by visiting

Springfield Reunion Club-Park Days

The Springfield Reunion Club (SRC) was formed in 1980 after working with the St. Louis and Kansas City Clubs years earlier to jointly coordinate the Park Day Weekend. After 1980, SRC assumed total responsibility for Park Day and has partnered with the Springfield Greene County Park Board to make it successful. Today the club is made up of a group of individuals who are dedicated to continue to carry out the tradition of Park Day that was established so long ago. Another dedicated group is the "Park Day Boosters" who continuously give of their time to help wherever needed. Unfortunately, community participation in Park Day sponsored activities has diminished the past few years. This is due in part to other activities being held at the same time as the Park Day sponsored activities. This loss of support and ever increasing cost has had a significant impact on the bottom line. We must have "Unity in the Community" if we want Park Day to continue for years to come! SRC always welcomes new members and actively seeks input and suggestions. You do not have to be a native of Springfield. Membership is open to anyone who wants to help to keep Park Day going! As one longtime resident of Springfield said, "Park Day is an affair of the head, the mind and the hearts of black Springfieldians. May it continue!"

To inquire about membership, contact the SRC at

More Community Involvement

Midtown Pharmacy is also proud to sponsor:

  • American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life
  • The Midtown Neighborhood Association
  • Springfield Lasers
  • Southwest Office of Aging’s Health & Wellness Safety Expo
  • Several local children’s sports teams
  • And has been a host site for the DEA Medication Take Back Event


What Our Customers Say About Our Service:

“Midtown (The Medicine Shoppe) Pharmacy has been a supporter of the Red Ribbon Ride since its inception in 2004. We are so grateful for their commitment and dedication to our community, and are honored to have worked so closely with them for so many years.” -Cecelia Havens, Development Director for the AIDS Project of the Ozarks. 

"The Springfield Reunion Club, Inc. is very proud to have Midtown Pharmacy (formerly The Medicine Shoppe) as a proud sponsor of the Springfield Reunion Club, Inc.  Midtown Pharmacy is large enough to take care of you and small enough to know you." –Jane Pike, Board Chairperson for Springfield Reunion Club

Lost & Found Grief Center has been blessed by the support of Jerry Popek and Midtown Pharmacy/The Medicine Shoppe for many years.  Through financial support, helping spread awareness of Lost & Found services, and his passion for our mission,  Jerry has ensured our ability to provide help, hope and healing to grieving children and families throughout Southwest Missouri.  We are so grateful for Jerry’s strong commitment to this community and the customers he serves.” –Karen Scott, Executive Director of Lost & Found Grief Center