It's flu vaccine time!

With age comes a great many things: wisdom, maturity, beauty... and also a weaker immune system. This places adults over the age of 65 at a greater risk for severe complications from influenza. 

Prevention is an important step in keeping healthy this flu season, and getting a flu vaccine is crucial. 

What's the difference between Quadrivalent and Trivalent Influenza Vaccines? Quadrivalent has 2 influenza A viruses + 2 B viruses (broader protection with both B viruses). Trivalent has 2 influenza A viruses + only 1 B virus. 

What are the vaccine types? Standard shot- age 6 months and above

When is the flu season? In the US, flu activity peaks in January and February, but can begin as early as October and continue as late as May. Vaccines take about 2 weeks to build immunity in the body. 

Are flu shots safe? Flu vaccines are safe. Vaccine Viruses used are inactivated (killed) or weakened and cannot cause influenza. 

Are flu shots effective? A person who is vaccinated is 60% less likely to need treatment for flu after getting vaccinated. Also, flu shots reduce other illnesses, antibiotic use, time off of work, hospitalizations, and deaths.

What are the side effects? Soreness, redness, swelling where the shot was given; fever (low grade); and aches are the most common side effects of the vaccine. 


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